Go Coastal’s Shoreham Listings

At the mouth of Western Port bay, with a coastline renowned for its surfing, the landscape transitions from coastal dunes and Moonah forests to bushland with towering gums. Just across the bay sits Phillip Island and if you’re lucky you might just spy Southern Right, Humpback, or Killer Whales during their visit to the bay throughout the Winter migration. When you’re not whale spotting, check out some of the other attractions in the area, like the Marine Sanctuary, Sculpture Park, and why not treat yourself to Yoga by the Yachts in nearby Flinders.

  • Wine Tasting at Nazaaray Winery
  • Yoga: nothing says ‘unwind’ quite like Yoga By The Yachts ⛵️ Grab your mat and head to Flinders Foreshore for yoga at Flinders beach from 8-9 am. Just $15 a session, this is a great way to connect with the community and with yourself. Yoga Ease is right near Flinders Pier, so you can start your morning off right by the bay.
  • Point Leo Boat Club: offering sailing lessons, family sailing trips, film nights, yoga by the bay, music on the deck on Sundays and even a junior disco, the boat club is a local strong hold.
  • Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary and Westhead Lookout: the Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation are the custodians of the lands and waterways of the peninsula. Mushroom Reef has traditionally been an important meeting place and area for fishing and harvesting shellfish. The reef is an important marine environment, made up of countless micro-habitats home to all sorts of extraordinary species including threatened bird species and Victoria’s beloved Weedy Seadragons. Visit 2 hours either side of low tide to explore as much of the reef as possible and take your snorkelling gear to peer into mysterious worlds. Please bring a camera and take lots of pictures as removing anything from the reef is prohibited to ensure the fragile ecosystem is maintained.
  • Striking and Sustainable Gardens: visit the elegant grounds and display gardens of Drought Tolerant Plants in Shoreham perched atop windswept hills with spectacular views of the bay. These beautiful – and of course hardy – display gardens are arranged in such a way as to inspire even the most seasoned gardener. Even if you’re not designing a garden yourself, the property is well worth the visit simply to enjoy the beautiful array of plants and to maybe pick up a little something for yourself from their nursery.
  • Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Garden: be intoxicated by the labyrinth of lavender and spoil yourself or someone special in the gift store where you will find every luxury lavender product imaginable. 
  • Pt. Leo Estate Sculpture Park: stroll through the outdoor sculpture gallery at Pt. Leo Estate, Merricks, to enjoy art from international and Australian artists. Open daily from 11am to 5pm, Pt. Leo Estate Sculpture Park offers tickets for 30-minute or 60-minute walks through the landscaped gardens. The sculptures range in styles, representing culture and artistic expression from all walks of life.
  • Gordon Studios Glassblowers: the Gordon family are three generations of glassblowers, visit their studio in Red Hill where you can see Rish, Alasdair, Calum, Hamish, Kevin, Grant and Eileen’s expert works on display. From the mezzanine you can also watch artists hot at work transforming molten glass into myriad forms before they go into the gallery and shop. Make a memory you won’t forget and a souvenir to take home at a glass blowing workshop! The one-day beginner’s workshop uses ancient Venetian techniques to teach you how to make two paperweights and a tumbler glass.

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